Enhance Your Career With an MS Office Education

There are many office suites on the market today, but there is still only one that is the choice of billions worldwide. Microsoft Office is used on more PC’s than any other software and having the correct MS Office education will enable you to use this software to the maximum.

Microsoft Office is made up of some key components. These are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. Another addition is a program called OneNote. Each application is unique and we’ll now look at them in turn.

Word is a word processing application used for creating letters and documents. It has now become so powerful that it can be used for certain publishing tasks also.

Excel is a spreadsheet application used for manipulating numerical information. You can apply functions to the data and also do forecasting, trend analysis. Create pie or bar charts and have nice graphical representations of your data. Many financial institutions use Excel for their financial needs.

PowerPoint is used to present ideas to others by using a slideshow. You can add text, photos and sound to the slides. In newer versions you can add effects, animation and also video.

Outlook is mainly used for sending email, but it has other features which are useful as well. For example, you can schedule appointments and tasks, plan meetings etc. It also has a built in contact manager to keep track of your personal as well as business contacts. Newer versions can even integrate with Facebook.

Access is a relational database management system which is used to store large volumes of data. You can create a system for invoicing or home inventory for instance. You create screen forms to present data to others. Data can be pulled from the database by using queries and you can also create management reports. Access is probably the hardest application to learn, but with a good MS Office education you will soon become a master.

OneNote is best thought of as an electronic binder that can store ideas on just about anything. You can pull in sound, photos, video, as well as add text. Perhaps you even want to add Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. This is all possible.

All of the packages in the Microsoft Office suite can communicate with each other. You may choose to have Word create mailing labels using customer details held in Access. Another good example is bringing Excel data into Access or vice versa. The possibilities are endless.

You could be working in an office and using this software or you may even be a home user. Perhaps even a student. Whichever way you work you will find at least one of these applications beneficial.

Office 2010 is without doubt the best version to date and brings you some fantastic features to enhance your productivity.

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